An interview with World Animal Day Ambassador, Svetlana Manojlovic (Montenegro)

Svetlana Manojlovic must be one of the busiest people in Montenegro! Since forming the first animal protection society in her country in 1998 — the Society for the Protection of Animals Podgorica — Svetlana has authored workbooks, hosted workshops, and even been involved in drafting laws to improve animal welfare in her country.

How long have you been an Ambassador for World Animal Day?

“I’ve been an Ambassador since 2018 which gives me great pleasure and honor. I was first invited to join in 2010, but I wasn’t able to dedicate myself as much as I’d have liked.”

What do you like most about World Animal Day?

“I’m most looking forward to the activities organized by children and the adoption activities organized by the animal shelters.”

How can the public support your work?

“The media is a very important asset in our fight for the animals. They are promoting our activities and campaigns and helping us in our pursuit for transparency. We need people to start talking and thinking about their attitude towards animals.”

How disruptive has COVID-19 been to your work?

“Like everywhere, the pandemic has caused many problems for us, but all animal protection charities have made sure there’s no lack of help for animals. The state has supported us in publishing promotional material urging owners not to abandon their pets, as well as promoting various charities’ projects.”

How do you usually celebrate World Animal Day?

“Through many different activities — mainly educational workshops, animal-themed exhibitions, and vaccination, sterilization & treatment for animals in need.

We also involve state institutions. Last year we celebrated World Animal Day with the police and, since 2018, the government-established National Council for Animal Welfare holds an annual session every October 4.”

And what are your plans for this year?

“We’re going to hold a competition for kindergarten and primary school children to create the main character for our new education materials. We’re also holding workshops across 20 cities on the topic “better knowledge to better animal welfare”.

We’ll mark the occasion with the UP (Police) again, and host a conference in the capital city, Podgorica.

We’ll do a few more things, as well as talking to the media about attitudes towards animals and their rights.”


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