An interview with World Animal Day Ambassador, Thomas Kahema (Tanzania)

Thomas Kahema, Executive Director of Tanzania Animal Welfare Society (TAWESO) and World Animal Day Ambassador, tells us a little bit about his life campaigning for animals.

Tell us a bit about TAWESO, the work you do and the challenges you face...

“We work to improve the welfare of all animals in Tanzania through education, veterinary clinics, animal hospitals, and more.

The biggest challenge is finding the resources to help the huge number of animals suffering in Tanzania.”

Has COVID-19 changed the way you work?

“It means we have to focus on emergency relief, rather than regular animal welfare services and education. Also, the world isn’t focusing much on issues other than COVID-19, at the moment.”

How does the celebration of World Animal Day help your cause?

“It helps to spread awareness of animal welfare issues in the country.

My favourite thing about World Animal Day is that it’s well recognized at high levels of Government. This makes it much easier to spread our message across communities.”

How do you plan to celebrate World Animal Day this year?

“We will deliver free veterinary services at our Community Animal Hospital. We’ll also educate people on their responsibilities.”

What are your hopes for World Animal Day in the future?

“Whenever possible, the World Animal Day Ambassadors may be meeting, even at regional level, to brainstorm and share experiences on burning animal welfare matters.”


Read more about the Tanzania Animal Welfare Society on their website.