An interview with World Animal Day Ambassador, Tozie Zokufa (Africa)

Tozie Zokufa is based in Cape Town, South Africa, but his work reaches across the whole continent. He represents the Coalition of African Animal Welfare Organisations (CAAWO) and their main mission is to increase awareness of the plight of animals.

What is the biggest challenge that you face in your line of work?

“Our region faces not only economic instability but also poverty. This causes our governments and the public to neglect animal welfare issues. So the biggest challenge would be general lack of awareness.”

How can the public support you?

“They can assist us with their skill — a communications expert can assist us in how we communicate and tailor our messaging, for example.”

How long have you been a World Animal Day Ambassador? How do you plan to celebrate this year?

“I’ve been an Ambassador for four years. We’re planning an online webinar/workshop depending on where/what our situation is in all the countries we work with.”

How has COVID-19 changed the way you work?

“Our work is online more and we’re still figuring out how to have the biggest impact.”

What’s your favourite thing about World Animal Day?

“The interactions amongst volunteers and the learning and exchange of ideas.”



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