An interview with World Animal Day Ambassador, Zhang Dan (China)

Zhang Dan, from Beijing, is not only an Ambassador for World Animal Day, but also the co-founder of the China Animal Protection Media Salon. She’s picked up several awards for her amazing work along the way!

How long have you been a World Animal Day Ambassador?

“Since 2010 — it’s a great honor for me.”

What problems do you face in your work for animal welfare?

“The lack of overall animal protection and animal abuse laws. And some people’s indifference towards animal protection.”

How has COVID-19 changed the way you work?

“From February to May, all offline activities were cancelled. From June onwards, I’ve been able to hold lectures around China again.”

How does World Animal Day help your cause?

“It’s a good opportunity to reflect on the relationship between human beings and animals — to thank animals for their kindness, tolerance and great sacrifice.

There are countless festivals for human beings, but this is the only one for animals as a whole. Therefore, it's always a good entry point to plan an event or write an article about it.”

How have you celebrated World Animal Day in previous years?

“I dedicate my books on animal protection to World Animal Day and our animal friends. I’ve also taken my three-legged kitten Lucky99 (who’s a bit of an internet celebrity!) to schools for lectures.

The most memorable event was the huge World Animal Day 2013 ceremony held in the famous Berlin Temple in Shijiazhuang — the capital of Hebei Province.”

What are your hopes for future World Animal Days?

“I hope that one day, all the World Animal Day Ambassadors around the world will be able to get together to exchange ideas and gain more courage and wisdom!

Together, we can make the world a better place for our animal friends and people who care about them.”


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