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Animals: Conscience and Rights

Ara Ferris, WAD Ambassador Mexico, attended the presentation of the photo-documentary book “Animals: Conscience and Rights” on July 18, 2016. It was a great event that took place in Mexico City where important public figures were present like Elena Poniatowska, renowned writer; Homero Aridjis, founder and president of the Group of 100 which is an association of prominent artists and intellectuals; journalists; politicians and well-known activists from various NGOs.

The work in this digital book of photographer and activist, Elideth Fernandez Villegas, is pioneer in the field of animal rights since her goal is to create a documentary and artistic photographic genre for the defense of animal rights and to invite society to reflect upon the reality of animal suffering by looking at animals as individuals and not regard them as simple components of an ecosystem to satisfy a human need. The book´s intention is to expand our moral sphere and our circle of compassion and to take the path of evolution.

“Elideth´s work captures a reality we can no longer ignore.” Ara Ferris

(In the photo: Elideth Fernández and Ara Ferris). 

Link to the book: http://movimientoconsciencia.com/2016/07/12/1718/ 

Movimiento Consciencia: http://movimientoconsciencia.com/ 

Movimiento Consciencia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/movimientoconscienciamx/

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