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Anneka Svenska – Patron

We are delighted to announce that Anneka Svenska has officially given her support to the World Animal Day movement by agreeing to become a Patron. Anneka feels very strongly about the importance of building the celebration of World Animal Day as it unites the animal welfare movement, mobilising it into a global force to make the world a better place for all animals. 

Our collaboration with Anneka to promote World Animal Day began several years ago and in 2015 she made the official ‘World Animal Day Music Video’ to help promote this special day.

Anneka lives in the United Kingdom and is a naturalist, broadcaster, film maker and founder of Green World TV.  She has produced numerous films to give animal and environmental charities a much-needed voice in the world of television. She also produces and fronts important documentaries which draw attention to issues surrounding planetary destruction, wildlife conservation and wildlife crime. She has also compèred for The National & London Pet Shows, hosted events for The Environment Trust, been an expert dog judge on ‘Superdogs Live’ with SuperVet Noel Fitzpatrick, created short films for the Wildlife Trust, filmed alongside Will Travers of Born Free, written for numerous animal and ethical magazines including The Huffington Post and The Ecologist, is lined up to present for ‘Whalefest Live’ and been involved with the making of a powerful conservation documentary about the all-female South African anti-rhino poaching unit ‘The Black Mambas‘.

Anneka has rescued hundreds of dogs from all over the world after being heartbroken at photos on the internet involving abused strays and dogs from the meat trade. This spurred her on to found a dog rescue charity and then to found Angels for the Innocent and GreenWorldTV, a foundation and a TV channel focusing on conservation, wildlife crime and animal rescue. As a side line to her TV work, Anneka has ventured into the world of environmental and organic healthy eating, where her expertise in juicing, smoothies and vegan raw eating has now been recognised. She’s a canid expert, wolf enthusiast and handler and has filmed and worked alongside both European and North American Timber Wolves as well as living with high content wolfdogs on a daily basis. Her love and expertise for animals has always intertwined her professional life, having originally started to train as a vet before embarking on drama school and a degree in Environmental Studies and Film.

Anneka says: “I am honoured to be Patron to World Animal Day as the movement’s Mission encompasses all that I want to achieve: For the world to come together to help animals.”

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