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Another Victory Yucatan State

Araceli Ferris, WAD Ambassador Mexico and International Relations Co-ordinator of Movimiento Consciencia was part of an important event in Izamal, Yucatan, Mexico where a letter of agreement committing all stakeholders was signed on April 23, 2016 to put an end to the cruel practice called “Kots Kaal Pato”, where animals used to be tortured and killed every year on the last week of April as part of a religious ritual. Thanks to the joint effort of NGOs, government, church authorities and community this cruel and inhumane practice has been transformed into a non-violent celebration.
World Animal Day commends Mr Warnel May Escobar, Mayor of Izamal, Congressman Josué David Camargo Gamboa, Priest Adrián Gutiérrez Cano, Priest Candelario Jiménez, Marcia Lara, Movimiento Consciencia´s Representative in the State of Yucatán, AFAD and local activist Cathy Karam Sanchez.
This is a good example that shows when there is a will, change and progress are possible for the common good of humans and other animal species.
More on what this cruel practice used to be: https://www.thedodo.com/small-animals-stuffed-into-
Victory for animals: https://www.facebook.com/movimientoconscienciamx/photos/
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