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Another win for animals!

Bullfighting has been abolished in the municipality of San Rafael, Veracruz, Mexico.

Rescuing our traditions. Culture of Life, Respect and Compassion. NO MORE violence and barbarism.

Within the framework of our campaign “Rescue our traditions free of violence” and for a protected childhood, the Regulation for the Protection and Welfare of Animals for the Municipality of San Rafael, Veracruz, has banned bullfights and other barbaric events that involve premeditated animal brutality and torture.

The text of this important decree appears in the OFFICIAL GAZETTE, Volume CXCVII, dated Wednesday, March 7, 2018, and reads as follows:


Regarding shows, fairs, events and exhibitions with animals.

Article 41. The following shows are prohibited in the municipality:

Any event, fair or bullfighting spectacle that involves mistreatment, suffering or death of the animals and/or puts at risk or danger the physical integrity of the population.

Dog fights.

Circus shows with animals.

Public or private shows that involve the mistreatment or death of animals.

Of course it is a very important victory for animals and their innate right to life and welfare, but we must emphasize that it is equally important for society as a whole, given that it is to the extent that we eradicate the generators of violence is how we advance on the path towards full respect for the Creation and peace. A peace that is sorely lacking and desperately craving in the world, especially in Mexico and in the State of Veracruz.

Thus, from the platforms for Animal Rights, Human Rights and Children’s Rights both nationally and internationally, we congratulate the Mayor of San Rafael, Mr. Daniel Lagunes Marín, as without his character and political will, it would be possible to take firm steps towards a more evolved and compassionate society. We recognize, in the most respectful way, his ethical and forward vision, not only in relation to the Animal Protection Law, but also because his actions show that he has broadened his moral circle in various fields, responding not to the interests of certain ruinous sectors of power and of exploitation, but to the most intimate virtues of the spirit and of the heart.

Today Mexico is changing, and the protection of animals is not left out! The mayor Luis Daniel Lagunes Marín is an example to follow.

The municipality of San Rafael is located in the central region of the Mexican state of Veracruz, east of the Mexican Republic; it borders the municipalities of Tecolutla, Martinez de la Torre, Misantla, Nautla and the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

Source in Spanish: www.movimientoconsciencia.com

Translated by Ara Ferris, World Animal Day Ambassador

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