World Animal Day Global Wave 2015

Whoever you are - wherever you are - YOU can help improve the lives of animals around the world!   How many selfies do you take every week?We’re asking you to... Read more

World Animal Day Video

Lily Wang and Emily, two of our Taiwanese Ambassadors, have created an amazing video to help promote the Mission of World Animal Day and I'd like to share it with... Read more

Donkey Harness Workshop

Dear Friends  I hope you are all doing well. It is about a month now after the very successful Harness Workshop took place in Tanzania.  We hope all you delegates... Read more

Actress and Model

"How wonderful to have a day to celebrate all the animals in the world. What a lonely, awful place it would be without them. They enrich every aspect of life... Read more


"Nothing gives me more pleasure than my dogs, cats, the Highland pony herd in the surrounding fields, the dogs I meet on walks every day, the deer wandering through the... Read more


"I'm so glad to hear that you are trying to raise awareness in other parts of the world where animals are often at the bottom of the list. Having compassion... Read more

Animal Memorial – gone but not forgotten

Our friends at Animals' Angels have created a new website called 'Animal Memorial'. Since Animals' Angels started work in 1996, their inspectors have met literally hundreds of thousands of animals all... Read more

Nigeria welcomes Emmanuel

Emmanuel Eyoh Executive Director of the Nigeria SPCA and Founder of the Nigeria Animal Welfare Foundation. In addition, he is the president of the Nigeria Vegetarian Society and the IVU... Read more
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