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CATCA – What’s been happening?

Ercika Ceballos, World Animal Day Ambassador and President of CATCA Environmental and Wildlife Society in Canada, highlights some of her organisation’s wonderful achievements in 2019. 

2019 Annual Report with images:  


CITES activities:


E-commerce of primates and felines in Mexico and the Americas:


Additional animal welfare work being undertaken: 

  1. Requesting donations of warm, waterproof coats and dog sweaters that can be sewn into raincoats, to send to about 100 stray dogs of Cuzco, Peru. In wintertime, it is heartbreaking to see stray dogs on the streets constantly shivering due to the high altitude and cold.
  2. CATCA also fundraises to help AFASI, a confiscated wildlife centre in Bolivia. The couple who run the wildlife centre only have their old age pensions to maintain and care for the animals under their care – currently over 400.
  3. CATCA also works in Mexico where Ericka’s daughter, Hanna, is sterilizing and rescuing stray cats and finding them good homes. She also feeds stray cats and dogs. The selling of secondhand items helps raise funds for this purpose. 

Image: Side event in Geneva with the International Primate Protection League (IPPL) about the trade of great apes and primates in Africa and the Americas.

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