NIGERIA: Animal Protection Organization of Nigeria (see below)

World Animal Day 2020 was bigger than ever, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact, due to social distancing restrictions, animal lovers rose to the challenge and events were more creative than ever. One benefit of going online is that anyone could attend an event, wherever they were in the world! Organisers still found ways to hold socially distanced events if local guidelines allowed it.

Every year, many events are arranged by our World Animal Day Ambassadors. While the pandemic affected some areas of their work in 2020, the welfare of animals is their main priority and essential veterinary care events went ahead, with precautions in place.

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The Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals (GSPCA) is a World Animal Day Ambassador. With the support of PETA Germany, they held a socially distanced protest-performance to mark October 4. They raised public awareness of all the living beings with whom we share the earth and shared an important message - "they live not for us but with us". You can find logos and signs like these on our resources page.
Tanzania Animal Welfare Society (TAWESO) celebrated World Animal Day with a week-long programme of vet services in poor, rural areas. Our Ambassador organisation's activities included sterilisation, rabies vaccination, disease treatment, and humane education. To raise awareness of live animal exports, Stand Against Live Animal Export started an Orange Ribbon Movement. Wherever you are in the world, tie an orange ribbon somewhere highly visible. When people ask, tell them you stand against live animal exports.
The Animal Protection Organization of Nigeria lists humane education as one of their intervention programs for social change. Their campaign includes educating children on animal protection, welfare and biodiversity. APON's celebrations included painting animals and wearing the great logo shirts in our main image! UK mouth painting artist, Leanne Beetham, made a fantastic contribution to World Animal Day with an animal themed drawing tutorial. Participants could learn how to draw this beautiful animal using Leanne's tips and tricks. There's still time to take part - it's available until December 31, 2020! Share your final work of art at #PaintWithMFPA.
The Humane Global Network organised an educational event at a comprehensive college in Lagos, Nigeria. Featuring art activitiestalks and documentaries, the students were encouraged to show empathy and kindness to animals. They made great use of their World Animal Day flag at the event – request your own flag in time for October 4 next year!
Sri Lankan World Animal Day Ambassador, Otara Gunewardene (the founder of Embark), raised awareness of the importance of animal welfare via social media and a presentation. With a following of close to two million, Otara reached a huge number of people! She also celebrated the work of volunteers and those who take care of street animals every day. Watch her inspirational video. Ambassador organisation, OIPA Cameroon collaborated with the Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) International. Over three days, they visited three different communities of the North West region with their mobile veterinary clinic. They provided free vet treatment, anti-rabies vaccines, deworming and pet washing. Over 134 families benefited from their services!
Brooke Pakistan (in collaboration with Livestock & Dairy Development Department Punjab, Give Us Life Animal Welfare, and Voice for Voiceless) celebrated World Animal Day with a full programme of activities. This included speeches from animal welfare experts, a puppet performance and a documentary prepared by students from LCWU on animal welfare and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.
Elephanatics created an online presentation to educate Canadians about ivory poaching, habitat loss, and the continued exploitation of elephants by humans. Watch it today! In Somalia, Abdukarim Halane organised an event to discourage overloading donkeys. It has become a common issue in the region and needs to be prevented.
For the whole month of October, the students of elementary school, Knez Sima Marković, from Barajevo, learned about the good treatment of animals - including pets, stray animals and the wildlife of Serbia. In India, Green Panther held an online session just for kids! The topic was ‘No predators = no forest’. Via activities, a short film and a quiz, children learnt how each life form plays a role in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.
In Sierra Leone, supported by the Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) International, CCA-SL marked World Animal Day with a themed event - 'Animals too Deserve Better'. Over 60 community dogs were vaccinated, dewormed and washed. They were mainly brought by their child guardians, who were very happy that their pets were being cared for.
Animal Kingdom Foundation in the Philippines promoted the rescue and adoption of dogs and cats, including those with special needs. They held an online contest dubbed 'The Ulti-Mutt Adopted Pet of 2020'. Three lucky winners featured in the Manila Standard This year, Uanimals in Ukraine weren't able to hold one of their well-attended marches, like the one above. Instead, they went online, asking people to take part in the world's first virtual march using artificial intelligence, with help from RefaceAI. What a great idea!
In Northern Ireland, 7th Heaven designated October to be Feral Cat Month. Some of the cat food donated will be used to feed and shelter feral and community cats. Usually, 100 cats are helped throughout the month! If you aren't in their area, why not do something similar for your local street animals all year round? Voiceless India created three competitions for World Animal Day - two art, and one writing contest. Students and schools from all over India sent in their beautiful artworks and well-written short stories, with a 'Spectacular World of Wildlife' theme. The winners can be viewed at the top of their event page.
Once a month, @MonthlyTweetOff host a factual face-off between their hosts. The fact with the most likes and retweets wins the author a donation to the charity of their choice! For World Animal Day, they hosted a Tweet-Off on mammals, birds, amphibians, invertebrates, fish and reptiles, with the 2020 World Wildlife Day theme: 'Sustaining all life on Earth'.

Please visit the events pages to read about many other fabulous activities that took place in 2020.

We hope you feel inspired and motivated to take part in World Animal Day next year! It doesn’t matter how much time you have – there are many levels of involvement.

We’ve put together some quick and easy ways to make a difference online, even if you just raise awareness on social media.

Together, we will make the world a better place for animals!