NEPAL: A food drive for monkeys, dogs and other animals, organised by Voice of Animals Nepal (see below)

Around the big day, we saw over 100 registered events this year ranging from heart-racing fundraisers, such as sky-diving for local animal charities, to sea turtle releases.

Other wonderful events included art auctions, neutering clinics and marches! It wasn’t just on October 4 that these events took place, but throughout the previous month too.

On September 3, we put out a challenge to supporters to participate in an event for the lead up to world animal day based on the 30-day countdown.

We would like to say a special thank you to all of those that took part in this challenge, as there were some creative results. Particular examples that spring to mind include a wonderful supporter who stayed silent for 30 hours (a challenge we recognize is a tough one) and another supporter who crocheted 30 knitted hedgehogs as a fundraiser for a wildlife hospital! 

If you took part in our 30-day countdown challenge and have not let us know yet, we’d love to hear about how it went - send an email to

You can also still add your events to our page with a post-event summary- it doesn’t take long at all!

Every year, our ambassadors will host World Animal Day events too, acting as representatives of this special event to inspire action in others around them.

We would like to say a thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the hard work, commitment and care that has gone into the organization of these events. We hope you know how important people like you are!

Animal Protection Organisation of Nigeria celebrated World Animal Day 2021 with a dual target event of a beach clean and awareness campaign on marine health as part of an ongoing campaign.
Edgar’s Mission is a non-profit farm animal sanctuary in Australia that offers a forever home and refuge to animals. We are proud that their founder and director is a World Animal Day Ambassador. This year they celebrated World Animal Day as a part of their 11th annual Be Kind To Animals Week that allows for advocacy and reflection upon the importance of all animals.
At a school in Razlog, Bulgaria, an educational presentation was given on endangered species and how listeners could help to save both them and their habitats. Sawgrass Nature Centre in Florida celebrated World Animal Day by holding a tour day for visitors to come and visit the rescued wildlife they care for, educating guests on wildlife.
In Costa Rica, an early World Animal Day event was held by our World Animal Day ambassador organisation, SASY (Stop Animal Suffering -Yes!). Their mass clinic offered spaying, neutering and deworming services. This was done at no cost for owners that might not necessarily be able to afford them due to the toll of the pandemic. A grand total of 57 animals were neutered and dewormed, with some being treated for other conditions at the same time.
An art auction, hosted by IFAW Board Member and Leonard Joel Chairman John Albrecht, raised money on World Animal Day for critical conservation projects. In Egypt, Ambassador organisation, Alexandria Wildlife and Sea Turtle Rescue, released rehabilitated sea turtles back to the ocean, after nurturing them back to health!
In Delhi, India, an animal welfare group use World Animal Day as a platform to raise awareness about the stray animals living on the streets and encourage communities to both feed them and prevent them from ingesting plastic. This is an event they have run for the last three years and we hope that they are able to continue to do so!
Monarch Watch conducted a monarch butterfly tagging event that will help in tracking this wonderful species migration in the face of increasing environmental challenges that could threaten them with extinction. In Chernivtsi, in Ukraine, Antonina and friends hosted a pet picnic to celebrate World Animal Day and a sensory walking area was opened! 
In Nepal, at the Nil Barahi Temple of Bode, Voice of Animals Nepal gave food to some of the hundreds of monkeys that have been short of food throughout the pandemic. The next day, they fed around 150 dogs, along with other animals like cows, goat and crows. Eurogroup for Animals, an animal protection lobby group in Belgium, held a virtual event, discussing an upcoming EU review on animal welfare legislation as well as their demands for important changes.
Association Korina held a peaceful protest in Nikšić, Montenegro. They took to the streets to shine a light on the poor handling of strays and to draw awareness to global animal welfare.
F.R.I.E.N.D.S Horse Rescue and Sanctuary opened up its doors for volunteers to help with animal-related chores on World Animal Day. Volunteering is incredibly important for animal sanctuaries and shelters to be able to provide the best care for their rescues, so if you have spare time and care for animals, this is a fantastic way to get involved!

A Romanian rescue shelter, Sava's Safe Haven, celebrated World Animal Day through education and advocacy on the importance of animal welfare and the provision of veterinary care. They currently provide care for 250 rescued animals and have been running since 2012.

One representative stated: "People need to understand that 'the change' comes from each one of us."

This important message is one for us all and we hope that together we can continue raising the status of animals around the world!

Despite a global crash on Facebook and Instagram, World Animal Day was bigger than ever, reaching over 129 million people! Find out more: