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Could YOUR pet feature in our World Animal Day video series?

Here at World Animal Day HQ, we’re already thinking about what ways we can celebrate animals throughout 2021.

Our pets have kept us in wonderful company in some lonely, socially distanced times over the past year.

They truly are amazing, and that is why we would like to ask YOU to celebrate them with us!


Do you have, or have you ever had, a rescue pet? Whether it be a dog, cat, rabbit, horse, sheep, guinea pig, rat, mouse, lizard, or even a snake!

We want to hear all about what makes your rescue pet special and how they bring you joy.

We’d love YOU and YOUR pet to participate!

world animal day

Why not create a short, unscripted video that tells the story of your pet(s)?

  • How did they come to be in your family?
  • Did you rescue them yourself or are they from a rescue centre?
  • What do they do that brings you joy?

We would like to put these videos together to create a mini-series about your amazing pets and share these on our social media and website in the run up to World Animal Day.

Don’t worry about your video being ‘perfect’! We’re planning to keep the finished product basic and natural. The most important thing is that they are heartfelt and individual, just like your pet.

Suggested information to include to tell YOUR pet’s story:

world animal day
  • Introduce your pet and tell us their name.
  • When did you rescue your pet and where did you get him/her from?
  • Were there any particular circumstances or reasons that made you choose your pet?
  • You could even do ‘a day in the life’ of your pet and explain about where they came from, the funny things they like to get up to.
  • A video about a sweet friendship between two (or more) of your pets.
  • Your pet’s journey from where they came from to becoming a happy and loved member of your family.

At the end of the video, please ask viewers to share their own pet rescue story by creating a video and sending it to us!

Some final helpful tips:

  • Try to make your video as natural as possible, in order to do this, you can tell your pet’s story while the video is being taken – this can add that extra detail that helps the audience connect.
  • Please make the video in MP4 format if you can.
  • Please send any photos you’d like to include in JPG format.
  • If you send more than one video, they should not last much longer than 1 minute when combined.
  • We don’t mind whether your video footage is taken in portrait or landscape orientation – as long as it’s all taken the same way.
world animal day

Music and captions can be added at the editing stage by us – this is good if you’d rather not talk to the camera.

In this case, please send the text you would like us to use.

If you have old video footage or extra photos, we can add captions to this too.

Last things to note…

By sending us videos, animal lovers are agreeing for them to be published online to help raise awareness of World Animal Day.

Please forward the details of this email to a member of your family, a friend or colleague, if you think they might like to get their pets involved!

Please send all entries to info@worldanimalday.org.uk

Thank you for supporting us in celebration of World Animal Day, we look forward to hearing from you and hope to see YOUR pet feature in our mini-series! 


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