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Educating The Younger Generation

ADDA Bolivia has certainly made the most of the small World Animal Day grant the organisation received in 2017.

The banners and leaflets paid for with the funds continue to be used in schools and colleges to sew seeds of compassion for animals and nature in the hearts and minds of the younger generation. 

The programme covers domestic animals, exotic animals, wildlife and its conservation, and includes the importance of caring for the environment. 

ADDA Bolivia is very happy with all that’s been achieved via the organisation’s educational work in schools during the past year. The enthusiasm shown by the children, teachers and parents has been heartwarming. 

These images were taken at Escuela Mariscal Guiterrez and Marist College.

Throughout the project, ADDA Bolivia has benefited from the support of POFOMA (Forest and Environment Police) for which they are extremely grateful.

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