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1st International Animal Welfare for a Peace Culture Forum

world animal dayIn 2011, like every year since October 2009, Fundacion Dejando Huella promoted a series of conferences, workshops, information stands, painting and photography exhibitions to commemorate animals. This year we hosted a 2-day Forum (October 3 & 4) along with the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) and Puebla’s state government, called the ‘1st International Animal Welfare for a Peaceful Culture Forum’. We had the participation of Mexican and International NGOs, as well as Puebla’s authorities from different Ministries presenting conferences related to animals and their impact in our every day lives. They all tried to prove how the animal’s welfare can also contribute to improve society, the environment, economy, and to form a Peace Culture, and how their welfare also means human welfare, if we are guardians, consumers, tourists, or if we are related to therapy (helping children, women, elderly, and vulnerable social groups), etc.

Fundacion Dejando Huella, The Health Ministry and the State’s DIF signed an agreement to promote animal welfare education in all state kindergartens called CAICS, as well as free vaccination and spay/neuter programs for their cats and dogs in order to reduce cat and dog overpopulation and increase the whole families welfare.

We also had informative stands from most of Puebla’s animal protection organizations, as well as painting and photography exhibitions encouraging the protection of animals from university students and environmental NGOs. Norma Contreras.

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