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ANIMED spays and runs the marathon on World Animal Day 2018

This year for WAD Animed Arad is offering 200 spays. We include in the program stray dogs, stray & feral cats, dogs & cats with human companions on low income. The address is Romania, Arad city, Blanduziei Street No.3/B, at the veterinary clinic next to Animed HQ. Phone number for details and appointments 0766581545, Monday thru Friday, 12:00-18:00. People who call will also be asked respectfully to support the program with a donation of their choosing.

Team Animed ran a marathon relay of 42 km. Thank you Noemi Tulvan, Otilia Mot, Adriana Klein and Mihaela Iosim (Animed’s vicepresident). Animed’s founder Dr. Claudiu Iosim ran the half marathon 21 km wearing a personalized t-shirt with World Animal Day 🙂

We continue to spay and neuter dogs and cats during October with the WAD flag in the background. We offered 200 spays/neuters but we did not find so many animals to fix yet. We will in time 🙂 We spay and neuter every working day so there is no waiting list.

Dr. Claudiu Iosim and his wife Mihaela Iosim were hired by Animal Voice to go and spay/neuter dogs and cats in Resita on October 7th. The WAD flag was on the ambulance the entire day 🙂 

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