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2013 World Animal Day Events in Taiwan

2013 has been a rough year for Taiwanese animals, particularly dogs and strays. After being rabies-free for 52 years, one rabies case was found in wild animals in the Summer in Taiwan. This has caused panic among people.

HSAPF has started its mass vaccination program immediately after the breaking of the sad news, also organised educational campaigns providing people with correct information on vaccination and self-protection. From August to the end of 2013, HSAPF has successfully vaccinated approximately 4000 stray dogs and cats in Taiwan. All vaccinated animals wore the “yellow collar” made by us to mark their “safe” status.

As always, HSAPF believed that WAD promotion should not be a one-day event, we have organised three major campaigns in 2013, one in Spring, one in Summer and one in Autumn.

The first and the second ones were promotional campaigns in Taipei, the northern part of Taiwan (advocated in middle Taiwan last year) in Animal Fairs. Tens of thousands of people have joined the fair during the three-day events in March and July respectively.

The grand finale-international conference on animal welfares– of this year’s campaign was taken place in Pingtung in the very south of Taiwan. It was planned in October but was postponed due to our more urgent nationwide mass vaccination campaign. This international conference was a joint effort between the Taiwanese government (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), educational institution (Ming Chuan University and National Pingtung University of Science and Technology Working Dog Training School) and the NGO (World Animal Day & Help-Save-A-Pet Fund Taiwan) with the theme on the dialougue between government, academic and NGOs on animal welfare issues. This has been the third year of our cooperation.

Animal & NGO experts were invited to give talks in the conference: Ambassador Wu R., Chairperson of Non-Government Organization Affairs Committee from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, gave a talk on how Taiwanese government can work with Animal Welfare NGOs, followed by a hot discussion of possible future cooperation with the current and future animal NGO workers. The second talk was given by Mr. Lin Y. C., a senior animal welfare expert on the Similarities and Differences of Animal Welfare Campaigns in Taiwan and the West.

The third speaker was an expert from USA, Mr. Jerry Bradshaw, who is currently the president of Tarheel Canine Training, USA. Mr. Bradshaw has been devoting himself in dog training programs nationally and internationally for more than 20 years. He gave an overview of the K-9 NGOs, US regulations and the NGOs’ possible contributions to the society. The co-speaker of this session was our board member Mr. Chi W. L., an instructor of animal behavior at unversities.

Our forth speaker was Dr. Huang M.T., the president of Taiwan Black Bear Conservation Association. Dr. Haung urged young participants to join the work of saving Taiwan black bears (also known as moon bears).

We were very happy that two Malaysian singers, Wang Z. C. & Lin S. W. also joined this conference and brought this conference to a happy ending full of joy and laughter.

More than 100 people from Southern Taiwan areas have participated in this international conference. Prior to the conference, all participants agreed to be at least one-day vegetarian as we only provided vegetarian lunch boxes at the conference to show our respect to animal rights and concerns about environmental conservation. This conference was also recognised by the Taiwanese government as an official course for civil workers to fulfill their required learning hours. The event was published on the ROC Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ming Chuan University and Help-Save-A-Pet websites and facebooks.

HSAPF Mass Vaccination Campaign
Image: A happy adopter at the fair
Image: Our booth was crowded with people
Image: Successful event for dog & cat adoptionImages: Poster and venue of the conference
Image: Ambassador Wu at the conference.
Image: Mr. Lin’s talk attracted much attention from the audience
Image: Mr. Bradshaw gave an overview of US K-9 NGOs
Image: Dr. Huang wearing a moon bear T-shirt, was advocating bear conservation
Image: Two Malaysian singers, Wang Z. C. & Lin S.W.
Image: Group photo of morning sessions
Image: Group photo of afternoon sessions

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