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30 crocheted hedgehog pairs to Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital

This is an individual event. I’m crocheting 30 hedgehog pairs (mum/dad and hoglet) to Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital. They will sell them through their shop and it will raise much needed funds. I really enjoy crochet and I’m happy to help out! People are welcome to follow my progress on instagram @starstuffinthegarden.

Crochet pattern is by yarnhild.com.

If you like crochet or knit, you can always ask your local wildlife charity or shelter if they in need of nests, dog jumpers or dog bandanas, keyrings, decorations etc. It’s a great way to help and even better if you do it in your crochet/knit community! 

I hope my event will encourage others to take part in the World Animal Day Challenge! 

Update! 4th of October 

Happy World Animal Day! I’m halfway ready with the hedgehogs. Because instagram is down almost all day, I couldn’t upload anything there, but YouTube is there, so check out my video which I have attached to my event page.

Hello everyone

Sorry for my late update.

I did finish the crocheted hedgehogs by the deadline which I throughly enjoyed and learned some new techniques too! Then after a couple of days I took them to the animal hospital, the volunteers were very happy and grateful. I got some photos at the entrance of the hospital.

The volunteers mentioned that two more people started to help with crochet. My charity doesn’t end here. I already started crocheting some Christmas hedgehogs for the hospital. I also have other projects too and, of course, will always will speak up for animals!

I was so glad I could take part in the challenge this year and already looking forward to 2022! Also, I can’t wait to show off my beautiful flag and badge again!

“All life deserves respect, dignity and compassion. All life.”-Anthony Douglas Williams 

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