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6 Events-School Education Programme / Competitions: Drama, Photograph & Art / Help for Strays / Flyer, Poster & Media Campaign

We are preparing celebrations with elementary and junior-high students in Addis Ababa. Our 5-week program aims to help raise a generation that cares, that realizes that what we do mattters, not only to ourselves, but also to everyone our lives touch. A generation that understands the conncection between both our personal and cultural choices and the fate of other people, other species and the earth, and takes responsibility for creating a better world. The program promotes empathy and compassion towards all other species and will empower children to make decisions and take action as responsible citizens, helping the planet, animals and people in an appropriate and sustanable manner. The program will culminate in a Drama Festival, leaving the students, teachers and audience inspired to become actively involved in activities that contribute to a better world. The Drama Festival will be held in Addis Ababa City Assembly, near Shiro Meda. In addition to the drama competition, there will also be a photography and art competition with all entries being available for sale to raise funds for local animal welfare organizations. Specific objectives of our program: a. To deliver education via various related activities to 10 schools in Addis Ababa. b. To address the public in 15 different mass media agencies. c. To address kindness to the pupils’ parents through a drama competition to be held at the end of the program. d. To deliver food and vaccine for 500 strays and animals owned by people who struggle financially to provide proper care. e. To distribute 10,000 brochures and 5,000 posters advocating animal welfare and kindness.

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