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700 Students Sensitized to Care for Animals

On 4th October, World Animal Day, the students of DAV Public School R.K. Puram, New Delhi, came together with STRAW to celebrate the magnanimous and wondrous spirit of nature and wildlife. About 700 students belonging to classes one to five were sensitized to be kind to animals and to care for the environment.

The children of classes one to three, enjoyed their interactive coloring session enthusiastically and talked about what animal they loved most and learned that all animals deserve love, just like everyone else.

The students of four and five saw documentaries that taught them that animals feel pain exactly the way humans do and that they deserve our respect and empathy. They discussed how we can help animals and how we should take better care of our environment for a better and more harmonized existence in the future.

Their thoughts and feelings left us deeply touched and filled with hope that they would take a step further towards a better and more compassionate existence. They further pledged to give food and water to homeless animals and birds, understanding the importance of little gestures which could have a great impact in the long-run.

We at STRAW are proud of this proactive and kind young generation and are pleased to be a part of their learning experience. Children are our future and with the help of Humane Education, we hope that they would be able to build a more stable and nurturing environment for all living beings.

If you would like STRAW to conduct similar workshops in your school/college/community, please reach out to us! Become a part of the growing community of kind, compassionate citizens who are willing to make changes for the better!

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