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9 different posters stand for 9 different animals! We share the same planet!

A week before World Animal Day, we prepared a set of 9 posters to celebrate WAD online. We started to send 1 poster each day from 30th September, so as to keep our followers’ attention on the big day!

The posters were sent on AAF’s Wechat account and Weibo account (Chinese equivalent to Twitter). Our 170,000+ followers were encouraged to download them as mobile desktops, and to share them with friends and family!

From 1st October to 8th October is China’s National Day holiday which meant that our daily poster delivery kept us in contact with our followers even during holidays, and reminded them not to respect animals only on 10.04, but everyday!


The posters themed: “We share the same planet!”, over 200 forward times and 368 thumbs up show that our followers DO CARE about the lives that share the same planet with us!

Some followers left messages told us that they kept expecting the poster everyday. Some said they didn’t know about World Animal Day before, but now they understand it’s a meaningful day and they posted the origin of WAD on their Weibo to educate their friends and families. 



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