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ACRES World Animal Day 2015

ACRES is celebrating World Animal Day at Speakers’ Corner on 4 October 2015 by introducing Singapore’s very own wild animals, the threats they face, and how we can co-exist with and save them.

“There’s wildlife in Singapore?!”

Yes, and a whole range of wild animals share our island home, from mammals such as colugos, pangolins and long-tailed macaques, to reptiles like hawksbill turtles, crocodiles and flying lizards! Not to mention the dolphins in our seas!

Details of our event:

Venue: Speakers’ Corner, Hong Lim Park.

Address: Junction of North Canal Road and South Bridge Road

(How to get there: By MRT: Clarke Quay station, Exit A;  by bus: Bus nos. 2, 12, 33, 54, 147, 190.)

Date: Sunday, 4 October 2015

Time: 12pm – 5pm

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/129611554057869/ 

You should attend if you:

  • Appreciate nature and wild animals;
  • Have seen an injured animal but didn’t quite know what to do;
  • Have seen a snake in a home or a public area but didn’t know what action to take;
  • Have bat colonies near your house and/or questions relating to bats;
  • Frequently see monkeys or other wild animals in or around your house. 

What you can do:

  • Invite your friends and family! We have activities for adults and children too.
  • Share our event. Use Facebook or Twitter. Spread the word, help create awareness and save wild animals!
  • Ask us questions. We’ll have a Q&A board where we’ll stick up your questions and our answers pertaining to wild animals in Singapore.
  • Prepare photos. Ever wondered about the identity of that strange animal you spotted and snapped a photo of? Come and ask our experienced team, and learn more about Singapore’s wild animals! 

Your takeaway from the event:

  • Learn more about commonly-sighted wild animals in Singapore, such as snakes, bats and monkeys, as well as some of the more unusual ones.
  • Be prepared when you see an injured animal in need of help.
  • Do you bit to help save wild animals, by spreading awareness among friends and family.
  • Learn of humane measures to keep certain species at a distance from you and your home. 

Available activities:

  • Animal body art (temporary)
  • Face painting
  • Balloon sculpting
  • Animal art & craft
  • Wild Cub’s Yoga by Kanga Kids Yoga* (for kids and adults!)
  • Wildlife booths, featuring information on the characteristics of, role played in the ecosystem by and ways to live in harmony with the following animals:
    • Snakes
    • Monitor lizards
    • Birds
    • Bats
    • Monkeys
    • Wildlife exhibition
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