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Animal Blessing

Since 2012, the Sarawak SPCA has organized an animal blessing event for the animals we care for at our animal shelter. Our shelter is located at 61/2 mile Jalan Penrissen, Kuching. We invite the local press and public to attend the event to raise awareness about our work and the need to care for animals.

In past years we have organized an event called the “Wiggle Waggle Walk” in conjunction with World Animal Day, which is aimed at promoting bonding between pets and their owners. Unfortunately, this year Sarawak has suffered a rabies outbreak, the first in over 40 years.

On the advice of the Veterinary Department, we have cancelled the WWW this year. We are working with the government to contain the spread of the disease, and primarily, to assist with the mass vaccination campaigns that have and are being carried out since the start of the outbreak in early July. We hope to be able to organize the WWW again next year.

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