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Animal Legal Centre Celebrates World Animal Day


On Saturday 4 October 2014, the Animal Legal Centre will host a stall on City Walk in front of the Canberra Centre, Canberra, Australia. 

To celebrate World Animal Day, the Animal Legal Centre has prepared fact sheets for the general public on the local laws regarding responsible pet ownership of dogs and cats.

The Animal Legal Centre has also prepared a brochure to explain its new service to the Canberra community and how it may assist members of the community resolve animal law related disputes. 

In recognition of the sentience of animals and the strong emotional ties between guardians and their pets, the Animal Legal Centre is committed to practicing and advancing animal law to provide the best possible resolution of disputes and protection of animals.  In particular the Animal Legal Centre works with legal remedies, disputes resolution and mediation techniques to resolve animal law issues.  Our aim is to deliver the most appropriate support for those who make animals an integral part of their lives.  An infographic on how mediation works has also been prepared for the general public. 

At the Animal Legal Centre, our ethos is that animals are more than personal property – they are valued companions that deserve respect and protection. 

Qualified lawyers will be in attendance to assist with questions the general public may have about pet ownership, or any area of the law in which animals are involved. 

Fresh water and treats will be provided for all pets who attend the stall with their guardian.

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