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Animal Liberation Ceremony & “108 Yaks” film night

Liberating animals from certain death is one of the greatest acts of charity we can perform. To protect the life of an animal, commemorating World Animal Day, raising awareness for ourselves and others about the plight of all animals, switching to vegetarianism (even part-time), creating the causes for good health & long life-all these benefits are derived from participating in this afternoon practice. Everyone is welcomed to come along, especially children, as we recite mantras for the critters and release them into the bush backyard of the property. You can sponsor a box of critters for yourself, family or friend. 

(the Animal Liberation Ceremony-involves releasing crickets & worms (live bait)) 

The Film 108 Yaks A journey of love and freedom. A remarkable and original story about bearing hardship for the love of the gentle and peaceful Yak. Inspired by the the advice of his guru Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche, a monk leads a herd of Himalayan yaks across a rugged terrain of mountain passes, narrow valleys, freezing rivers and treacherous cliffs to a remote haven in the high grasslands of northeastern Nepal. Every step taken on this brave journey is to save these wonderful animals and grant them liberation. (Note: opening scene may be distressing, not suitable for young children).

  • Tickets are just $10 with light supper included!
  • 50% profits towards Animal Sanctuary in Nepal.
  • Film will start about 5.30pm depending on how compliant the critters are upon release, and how many marauding bird flocks they need to be defended from…:-) 
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