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Animal Photography Exhibition

world animal dayWe held a photographic exhibition at Customs House at Circular Quay in Sydney, displaying some of the world’s most endangered species. It is actually still running and hopefully our images will have a home at this prestigious location for a little while longer as it would help promote awareness of our message to the Australian public:

In Australia and around the world, nature continues to be pushed to the brink. Ever expanding human populations and exponentially increasing demands of finite natural resources, squeeze wild animals into ever smaller spaces. Many, many thousands of species are threatened with extinction, and even in the areas where they are still able to survive and find shelter and food, demand for their skins and body parts ensures the death toll continues to rise. The photos shown by Humane Society International in the Customs House display area, remind us of the wild beauty gradually being lost to humanity, but also that it is not too late for us to act. We hope that you will enjoy these beautiful images and take home the message that YOU can help them survive or find out more on www.hsi.org.au!

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