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Animal Ride!

We want to invite you to our Animal Ride! This year we want to celebrate such a special day in an unusual way. We will take a ride on the subway wearing animals masks and holding posters with pro-animals slogans. The main objective is to let people know it’s World Animal Day, while at the same time raising public awareness of animal cruelty issues such as: experiments, entertainment, food and mistreated pets. This will be a peaceful demonstration and will be held on Sunday 2nd October. Please join us! We will meet at Cuahutemoc Subway Station at 11:30 hrs, start the ride at 12:00 and finish at 13:30. Our route will be: Sendero to Exposicion, Exposicion to Cuahutemoc and Cuahutemoc to Zaragoza. Afterwards we will walk across Plaza Morelos holding banners and giving out leaflets about how can we help the animals. During the walk we will sing some chorus about helping animals. The dress code will be: AnimaNaturalis black t-shirt or plain black t-shirt and blue jeans. There is no need to bring your own banners, posters or masks as they will be provided. For those of you who want to join us, please contact: pollychicken@gmail.com phone 01 811 544 84 12

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