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Symposium: Animal welfare lost between Humane treatment and humanity

The society for the protection of Animal rights in Egypt is delighted to be hosting, and fully sponsoring, a symposium on the 4th of October at the Cairo Library Campus in Zamalek.

The event will be attended by 120 guests and addressed by famous speakers who will discuss a range of animal welfare topics, including ways to combat abuse. Participants will emphasise the need to educate children in schools to treat animals well.


  • A video created by Noor Diab opened the event, founder of Animal welfare association for research and education and member of the society for the protection of Animal rights in Egypt. The video depicts the oneness of our humanity no matter what is our species/ race/ gender/sexuality/ age/ religion/ disability and economic status. world animal day
  • https://www.facebook.com/SPAREEGYPT/videos/10155004592856847/?hc_ref=ARRokbEWEh9RxJOSSzX197CTiC0bQQU-GYSU0W3bhcdvHClFxdA-jKgzDs1c2FnYBp8&pnref=story
  • Amina Abaza President of the society for the protection of animal rights in Egypt/ World animal day Ambassador/ Minister of Environement in the Women Egyptian government was the first speaker, presenting to the audience the plight of Animals in the world with pictures and videos of the current inhumane treatment of animals in the Farm industry (slaughterhouses), illegal wildlife trade, Animal control methods, circuses , working animals, vivisection, zoos and Fur trade.  
  • The well known Dr Wassim Elsisi, an Egyptologist, a Urologist and a famous author (please google him) made a speech about the influence of animals in Ancient Egypt and how they were revered and respected in the Egyptian society… Contrasting the strike difference between the past and now, in regards to animals. He also spoke about middleeasterns authors and philosphers  who were vegetarians during the 10th centuray, particularly the philosopher, author and poet Abou Alaa Al Maari  who wrote in his books ” Don’t feed on corpse”… Dr Wassim concluded by talking about the death of his beloved dog while tearing up describing, how loyal his dogs was, choosing to die next to his daughter Aphrodite, even he was very old and sick.
  • The esteemed author and poet Fatma Naoot spoke about how Amina Abaza is spending all her money for the animal cause and how loving animals is not a luxury as people might think.
  • Ghada Elwakeel Prominent Journalist and the president of the Woman Egyptian Government spoke about how raising and caring for one animal, makes you automatically love all the animals in the world
  • Mai Gawad Hamada- Presdient of Mau Rescue and awareness and a rescuer at Alexandria turtle and wildlife rescue spoke about her rescue missions and rehabilitation of wild animals, particularly turtles. 
  • Sahar Noah – a famous singer with a keen interest in animal welfare, shared with the audience her experience with animal welfare and her love for the 14 dogs she has. 
  • Noor Diab founder of Animal welfare association for research and education and member of the society for the protection of animal rights in Egypt, was the final speaker, concluding in his speech the importance of humane education and how such education is crucially important to be taught to Egyptian children so that a kinder humane future is possible for humans and animals alike.  

The event was covered by the following media: 

Al Ahram

Tahrir news 

Elyoum Elsabea news paper  

Watch a video about SPARE’s vision.



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