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Animal World Ramadan Riddles

Years ago, it was a tradition to have Riddles featured on the Egyptian television, during the holy month of Ramadan.

This year, and for the first time, Mau Hamada and Alexandria turtle and wildlife rescue team, are organizing online Riddles about animals.

Every day a new riddle about a different animal, will be posted on the team’s Facebook page, participants must answer the 30 Riddles, and send the answers to the page.

After the Holy month of Ramadan, announcing the winner will be through a live video on Alexandria turtle and wildlife rescue team’s Facebook page. 



Participation is for free and for all ages.

Every day we posted a riddle on our Facebook page, something related to animals and the environment .

  participants were asked to send all answers together after completing the 30 Riddles. 


The winner was Youssef Alaa , 7 years old,  living in Saudi Arabia.

Youssef did not just answer all the Riddles but also he drew them.


Congratulations Youssef 

Attached are some samples of his answers


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