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Architecture of Shade : Kinetic Playground

Kinetic Playground is an interactive installation which responds to the changing environment around us and the relationship between human and nature. The workshop will start with a guided tour of the artwork followed by a discussion about Hong Kong environemnt and our perception of what it is to be living during a time of significant climate change.

Alluding to the site’s previous proximity to the harbour and the coast, the selection of animals brings back a sense of relationship between water and nature. Hong Kong is home to a number of endangered species and of these, the work will feature three key animals the Chinese pink dolphin, the green sea turtle and black-faced spoonbill which face extinction due to issues related to the environmental conditions and urbanisation.

In response to the installation and to co-incide with World Animal Day, students will collaborate through a creative and interactive workshop. Event is by invitation. 

Address: Oi! Street Art Space, 12 Oil Street, North Point, Hong Kong 

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