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Area of Warding Charms

It was not just a World Anımal Day event. It was a full Area of Warding Charms for animals and by animals. Lots of volunteers gathered in the central park of Kharkiv to present Warding Charms to Kharkiv citizens:

– Microchipping.  Warding Charm against losing your pet

– Dog training workshop. Warding Charm that will help you and your dog understand each other better

– Vegan sweets.  Warding Charm that ensures we do not harm animals

– Books about animals from Kharkiv authors.  Warding Charm that brings you closer to animal world

– Painting workshop for kids.  Warding Charm that makes children kinder to animals through art

– Dogs and Cats for rehoming.  A forever Warding Charm that will love you all its life

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