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Art competition and international artwork exchange “Pets are Family too!”

The objective of this project is to promote love, care and responsibility to animals,  to celebrate love for pets and to promote pets as part of the family.

Two organizations- Animal Kingdom Foundation from the Philippines and Society for the Protection of Animals LJUBIMCI from Serbia will hold art competition with the same theme: “Pets are Family too!” -simultaneously in their own municipalities, in cooperation with participating educational institutions. After closing the competition and collecting the artworks, special commision will choose the most interesting artworks and get them ready for exchange and display.

Selected entries will be sent to the Society for the Protection of Animals in Serbia, where the art pieces will also be exhibited. Similarly, their art entries will be sent to the Philippines to be included in the exhibition. Best artworks among displayed will be chosen and diplomas will be awarded to the young artists.

This cultural exchange will show us the perspective that our youngest citizens have about pets and their relation to the people- especially within their own families.

Interconnecting two sides of the world with a common theme and tackling issues such as kinship and human-animal bond will surely lead us to the interesting conclusions and comparative- social analysis.

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