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Art for Animals

To celebrate World Animal Day, we organized an artistic event entitled “Art for Animals”. This year, we wanted to create something in which people will not just “see” and “clap” for the heavy words aimed at them but will rather “participate” in the event. What better way is there than to unite people together through diversity of colors? We need to acknowledge the fact that the   world is home, not only to humans but all living creatures. Yet, so often we act ignorant of their existence. We requested our participants to spare some thoughts for our non-human friends.

We asked our participants to express their opinions and feelings for animals on a white canvass by using colors. The theme could be anything such relationship between human and animal, animal rights, their welfare and conservation. The program was conducted at three different venues for three days in a row. A total of 52 students and locals participated in the program and created some real masterpieces. At the end of the day, it was more about participation than competition. These pictures will put on exhibition during public events.

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