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Be Kind to Animals Awareness Programme

R.V.Institute of Management , Bangalore conducted an awareness programme in the campus. Around 170 students studying in First Semester MBA viewed a short documentary film on cruelty to animals . Later few students wrote their message conveying their concern to animals.

After screening of the film – Students were asked to respond to the question- How many of you here like animals?
More than half of the class put their hand up with a smile.

The Message Communicated by the Students to the World;

1.I definitely love dogs.They are the cutest and most loyal.But every animal deserves loveand care. What we can do is adopt a few .

2.Cruelty towards animals is unacceptable .You dont have to love animals to save them,you just have to be ‘human’. These awareness programmes should be given in more places even better if it is given in schools and colleges. Save animals, Save world !

3.Every dog needs a home.

4.I am an animal lover, not only dogs or cats,I have  my pets.People harm many animals on the road side. In such a case I bring them home & rehabilitate, so my kind request is to help them as much as you can.

5.Save animals,even they have the right to live in this world.

6.They are jewels.Care them& love them like all living creatures of God.Hope things turn to a better way.

The Chess competition between The Dog Team and the Cat Team was played to show their affection to animals.

Posters were displayed on all the notice boards to sensitize on the issue.

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