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The Blessing of the Animals


Join us for the annual Blessing of the Animals to celebrate animals and the wonderful light they bring to our lives.

Bring your pet along to St Matthew-in-the-City at 187 Federal Street, Auckland to celebrate World Animal Day and the life of St Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals.

The service is a heartwarming and spiritual occasion – with plenty of laughs, too, as the animals “sing” along to the hymns.

At the conclusion of the service, as we exit the church, all animals will have the opportunity to receive a blessing from the minister. It is a lovely way to finish the day and brings great spiritual comfort to many.

Whether you are able to bring your pet or not, do join us in honouring our animal companions and acknowledging World Animal Day. It’s always a wonderful day of communal appreciation for all animals, great and small, and this year we hope to make it another success.

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