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Cairo Vet Team Celebrate the World animal Day

The First level students in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt launched A tean Called “Animal Lovers Team” after a lecture presented by me (Prof. Dr. Rabie Hassan Fayed, A professor of Animal Behaviour and management). The first activity of the team is celebrating the World Animal Day at the Faculty. The event including different activitie under auspices of Prof. Dr. Khaled Al Amry, The Dean of the college and Prof. Dr. Eman Bakr, The vice Dean for student affairs whom attended the event; and under my supervision (Prof. Dr. Rabie Fayed). The activities include:

1- March beteeen faculty bulding carrying five freedoms 

2- A show in front of the demonstration building 

3- Mobet show animals

4- An arabic song presented by an student about the animal welfare and five freedoms and how the human manage their animals

5- flyers for the faculty community to raise their awarness to animal welfare


This even was somewhat delayed but was a message to the faculty community especially the new students about the role of the animals and to raise their awarness to the animal welfare

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