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Campaign against Cruelty to Animals in Sierra Leone(CCA-SL) Celebrates World Animal Day, Local Theme: Animals too Deserve Better

With support from Society for the  Protection of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) International, CCA-SL on October 4 2020 joined the world over to celebrate  World Animal Day(WAD) with local theme” Animals too Deserve Better.  The first phase of the  event commenced with  anti-rabies vaccination, deworming and pet washing of community dogs. over sixty(60) community dogs beneifted from the said animal care services. The children too were  enaged in a kind of revision execrcises of their past animal welfare lessons.

Community outreach/sensitization on animal welfare due the a rainy day  was  only conducted in 2 nearby  village communities rather than 4 communities as initially planned. over 200 community members benefited and pledged their support in ensuring that animals are treated  humanely.

Over sixty(60) communirtyu dog pets were vaccinated, dewormed and washed. The children who were mostly ownbers of the pets were  very happy seeing their pets welfare  needs were provided.  over 200 community members having attended the  animal welfare sensitization/education thanked organisers and supporters of the event. they pledged their support to ensuring the welfare of animals are adequately provided for and further promised that they will make sure that animal cruelty is prohibited through the enforcemnet of the already established community bylaws against animal cruelty.

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