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Cancer & Pets

I have represented World Animal Day in Malaysia since 2006 and felt it was time to introduce an additional dimension by bringing human cancer survivors and pets together. Pets are known to help their humans in many ways such as relieving stress, saving humans as a result of natural disasters, and the list goes on. Many say that cancer patients who are going through treatment should stay away from their pets due to their weakened immune system. However, many pet owners who are cancer survivors will disagree because if you keep your pets healthy you cant catch anything from them. This means ensuring their vaccinations and flea/worm/tick treatments remain current. Participants, accompanied by their dog(s) will pay a fee of RM60.00 which will include a vegetarian buffet and drinks. A Press Release invite to journalists will be sent out on 14th September written by Dr Saunthari, CEO & President of NCSM entitled ‘How Pets Help Cancer Patients during Treatment’. In additon to relevant speeches there will be: 1. Dog Training basic elements of heel, stay, recall, sit, stand and reason why dog training is vital. 2. Quiz to test and improve the knowledge of pet owners-with prizes. 3. SPCA & NCSM merchandise will be on display for sale alongside collection boxes for donations. 4. There will also be a talk about Breast Cancer Awareness. We are inviting a special guest who will be announced at a later date. When: Sunday 25th September @ Desa Park City from 8.00am-11.30am (tbc). Meem Siah Li Ming, World Animal Day Ambassador, Malaysia. For more information please send an email to Meem: luvthypet.blog@gmail.com

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