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CATStration DAY

1,000 Male Cats – One day!

Our organization will be celebrating the WORLD ANIMAL DAY by providing free castration for 1,000 male cats! This is in line with our aim to make a difference for the animal welfare in the Philippines.

Neutering is the most humane way to control the pet population. For almost two years now, our team has been aggressively providing low-cost and free spay and neuter. We have neutered almost 20,000 dogs and cats in the country. We have also been working with LGU and private organizations by volunteering on spay and neuter programs/projects. 

This year, we will be breaking a record for neutering 1,000 cats in one day!

World Animal Day is also the birthday of our founder and veterinary surgeon, Dr. Maricelle Licuanan. This will be an extra special event!

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