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Celebrating animals: Law of Protection and Animal Welfare of Honduras

We are happy to announce that for celebrating October 4th, AHPRA staff is going to place up posters and give flyers related to the Law of Protection and Animal Welfare of Honduras.By dissemating this information we can reach more citizens in the way they start caring about the protection of all animals, the compassion and love for the living beings.This fisrt activity will  take place  around a shopping mall which is very popular in the area and lots of people attend to it.

AHPRA staff is ready to share with citizens and motivate them to do their part by getting involved in the World Animal Day and promote the respect, love, compassion to animals. Considering to stop animal cruelty and fight for their rights showing others we really care about animal welfare.

AHPRA has prepared a “Feeding time” addressed to stray/homeless dogs that stay around in a well known neighborhood of the capital city in Tegucigalpa.The staff is bringing some food and water to animals that do not have anything to eat; this is the more humane and direct contact with animals that allows to show others the compassion and the necessity to understand and transmit the real meaning of responsible ownership of companion animals.

Everyone is invited to join these activities!


AHPRA staff celebrated the World Animal Day by placing up posters and giving flyers related to the Law of Protection and Animal Welfare of Honduras.We are glad citizens are responding good to the announcements and they read the information when passing by, we will continue disseminating the information to reach other neighborhoods in order they know more about the Law and that animal cruelty now is punished.

The staff had the opportunity to conclude the celebration by bringing food and water to stray/homeless dogs from 1 neighborhood around the capital city of Tegucigalpa.They showed the compassion and love of being around those who are ignored and nobody pays attention to consider at least giving some food once a day.


We will continue working on behalf of animals and spread positive messages on stop animal cruelty, making a community more aware of animals and their role on human lives and environment; as sentient beings they diserve to live good and must be protected from those  who harm them.



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