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Celebration of World Animal Day in Syria

In cooperation with the Ministry of Cultures Directorate of Childhood, we are organizing a grand celebration which will take place in the governorate of Qunaitera on the 4th of October. In preparation, three competitions were announced for three different age levels. The first is an drawing competition to draw pictures of animals that are part of their everyday lives. The second, to create mosaics of animals, and the third is to photograph some of the amazing natural features that exist in the Arab world. The celebration, on the day, will start with a demonstration of traditional folk-dancing sponsored by the Ministry of Culture. This will be followed by a ceremony to award the journalists and activists who supported SPANA’s activities during 2011, and then the winners of all three competitions. Finally, there will be an announcement that this years Animal of the Year will be the Sociable Lapwing (Vanellus gregarius), a bird that is highly endangered in the Middle East. Following the awards, different workshops will take place. The first is to prepare a large two-dimensional artistic representation of the Sociable Lapwing from recycled materials which will have been collected by the children. The second is to construct a model of the same bird from similar materials. The third workshop is for children to prepare face masks of different Syrian animals. The fourth is to take on the role of animals in theatre, and the fifth is to paint childrens faces as animals. Finally, there will be a group of live animals a donkey, a horse and a camel for the children to see and touch. This year, the children will be able to visit our mobile exhibition which is housed in a bus. Entitled The Amazing World of Animals, it was prepared by SPANA in London and was part-funded by the Small Grants Aid Programme of the Global Environmental Fund in Syria. It includes 13 panels of interactive games and helps to address some of the issues that affect animal welfare, biodiversity and environmental protection. The celebrations will be publicized by television journalists, local and national newspapers. All will feature articles about animal welfare. Dr Darem Tabbaa, Director, SPANA Syria, Faculty of veterinary medicine, Hama, Syria and World Animal Day Ambassador. Website: www.spana-syria.org Email: spana@net.sy

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