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Class Debate for Class VII Students on the topic ‘Cultural practices around the world’

Students of class VII enthusiastically participated in the class Debate held between 23rd April -27th April 2018, on the topic ‘Cultural practices around the world that compromise animal welfare’.

The students were briefed beforehand about the topic by their English teacher in the class and the class was divided into 2 groups. First group gave many interesting examples of practices from all around the world like American rodeo, Spanish bullfight and Indian Jallikattu in support of the topic that cultural practices do compromise animal welfare.

The other group of students presented their views against the topic by supporting the view that how preservation of culture is important, especially in today’s time where animal welfare is brutally compromised in many other dreadful ways and not just in the name of culture, where organizers ensure well-being and safety of the animals. 

Students were judged by their teacher on the basis of the content, expression, communication skills, body language, confidence and poise. It gave students an opportunity to enhance their speaking & listening skills and helped them in confidence building and public speaking skills.

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