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Creating Symphony Between Human and Dog – A Conversation

With the recent news of the mass inhumane killing of dogs by beating and poisoning in parts of the country, the topic of humane management of street and community dog population has become an important one. Considering this, in collaboration with  Igniters: an open discussion forum run by a group of young energetic driven like-minded people from a diverse array of fields, we are holding a conversation on dog rescues, mass killings and the alternative to it. We are hopeful that through this talk, we will be able to break several myths about the dogs and the tradition unscientific methods used to curb the problem of rabies and overpopulation.

It is a free entry programme, happening on 21 September 2019, Saturday in the premises of Pokhara Theatre, Gairapatan (Pokhara). The talk starts at 3 pm sharp and will last an hour.

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