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Crustacean Compassion Day of Action

Crustaceans are animals, yet the UK animal welfare legislation specifically denies them protection from cruelty. Protection that all animals should be entitled to. 

On World Animal Day, please sign and share our petition calling for decapod crustaceans, like lobsters and crabs, to be included in the Animal Welfare Act of England and Wales.

There is overwhelming scientific evidence that they have the capacity to experience pain. It’s time to protect them from being sold, stored, and slaughtered as if they felt nothing.


Find out more about Crustacean Compassion: www.crustaceancompassion.org.uk

The aim for our event on October 4th was to drive UK residents to sign our online petition. World Animal Day absolutely helped us achieve this – and then more!

Through social media posts employing the #WorldAnimalDay hashtag we reached around 42,000 people with our message of compassion for crustaceans.

Our online petition soared in the days around World Animal Day, gaining almost 2000 extra signatures in just a few days. At one point, we were gaining a signature per second. Through geographical targeting of advertisements on Facebook and Twitter, we increased the average rate of UK-based signees by 20% in this period.

We had some incredible support from caring social media influencers, including Lucy Watson and Chris Packham.

Our existing supporters got involved by sharing pre-generated tweets encouraging their friends to sign our petition too.

The event also opened up a lot of new opportunities for us, including partnerships with other high profile supporters and businesses, which we are following up. It was also a great learning opportunity for us to track engagement with our social media accounts, so we can improve our communications strategy and tactics, and make an even bigger impact for crustaceans in the UK.

Thank you World Animal Day and Naturewatch Foundation for providing the platform to help make our campaign a success! 


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