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Dog Neutering and Vaccination Camp in Damak, Nepal

On the occasion of World Animal Day, HART has collaborated with the Damak Municipality to organize a week-long dog neutering and anti-rabies vaccination camp. This is the first of its kind event happening in Damak.

In the past, when the number of dogs grew too much the local authorities would appoint people to kill these dogs by feeding them poison laced meat and bread. These dogs died a horrible death, many suffering unbearable pain, going into epileptic shocks and buried alive. 

The main objective to organize this programme is to make the people aware about humane method of dog population management. All the dogs that are neutered will also be vaccinated against rabies. Rabies is the another fear because of which people mistreat the dogs, considering them the ultimate villain. Vaccinating the dogs protects the dogs and people alike and delivering the information that rabies is as much of a disease of the dogs as of humans is the main aim of this programme.

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