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Education and Art for Animals

Berkeley Academy and SASY (Stop Animal Suffering – Yes!) will host an Education and Art for Animals event for children in grades 1 -6. The children will create a work of art that features an animal or an animal issue that is important to them along with a message on why to protect animals in Costa Rica and around the world. The idea for this event comes at a time when children are   exposed to all types of animal welfare issues in the media. They can use their artistic skills to educate themselves, other children and adults alike on the importance of protecting animals. A winner in each grade will be chosen and their artowrk will be displayed on social media surrounding World Animal Day.

Berkeley Academy and SASY (Stop Animal Suffering -yes!) had a successful event on October 2nd where third grade students were asked to make a work of art of an animal with an educational message to go along with it. A slideshow was shown to the class which highlighted various animal welfare issues including endangered animals, circuses, zoos and why to adopt a rescued animal instead of buying one. The results were astounding; they showed originality, compassion, sensitivity to the issues, a high level of talent and an understanding of the plight of so many animals that suffer in the hands of human beings. I chose 2 winners, one showcased a flying fish symbolizing freedom and the other showed a dog and cat which showed how important it is to respect and rescue animals. Here are the submissions, congratulations to all the third graders and a special thank you to Berkeley Academy for hosting this special event and for including animals in your education, you are an example to other schools around the world. Teaching compassion and respect for animals and the environments they live in is essential to their survival and well being in the future and children can change the world.

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