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Education For Elephants!

Sunday, Oct 4th, is #WorldAnimalDay. It is an opportunity to commemorate our love and respect for animals. It gives us a chance to do something special to highlight their importance in the world. It unites the animal welfare movement and helps transform the betterment of animals’ lives into a global force for change.
So what can you do for World Animal Day?
#Educate yourself. #DYK wildlife is becoming a limited resource? Over 1 million species are at risk of extinction due to poaching, illegal trade, and biodiversity decimation. Become an #ambassador for elephants at elephanatics.org/education
#Teachers, teach your students how elephants help mitigate #ClimateChange, how they help #ecosystems to function, and how they are the craftsmen of #biodiversity.
Have a wonderful World Animal Day!


Ivory is for elephants! And don’t try and argue with them about it!

Our presentation addresses just that, so sit back, enjoy and ask questions! Elephanatics mission is to assist global elephant conservation efforts by educating Canadians about issues of ivory poaching, habitat loss, and the continued exploitation of elephants by humans, and to connect Canadians directly with elephant conservation partners in Africa and Asia.

We hope you enjoy our online educational presentation.


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