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Education through Spaying/Neutering

On Saturday October 26th SASY will be having a low cost or in some cases no cost spaying/neutering clinic in a very low income neighborhood in San Jose. Deworming will be provided as well as treatment for any other ailments, and dog/cat food will be handed out to street animals who are brought to the clinic by people who will be fostering them until a home is found for them. 

On October 26th, Stop Animal Suffering -Yes! organized a low cost spay/neuter clinic in a very neglected and extremely poverty stricken area in San Jose. Here there is a massive pet overpopulation problem that goes hand in hand with mistreatment, negligence, animal/human suffering and indifference toward pets in general. After leafletting and talking to the people in this area, we organized the event which was a total success. 85 animals were spayed/neutered on this day and we found that the community, although very poor, seemed to be positive and relieved that someone would take interest in their animals and the idea of making their neighborhood more humane. Through education and providing a solution to the problem we made an enormous difference to these neglected animals – we also gave out dewormers, dog food, leashes, collars and had the children color in pictures of animals with educational messages. Tumors and other ailments were also treated and everyone went home with dog food and all the medication for their animals. We improved the lives of so many animals here! See more photos on www.instagram.com/sasycostarica

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