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Educational Competition for Schoolchildren

Our educational competion will extend throughout October and November to enable more schoolchildren to benefit as exams will have finished and school holidays are over. Participating students are required to: research and create a model of an endangered animal out of papier mache, write a few words about why they chose their particular animal, The competition is being split into age groups to make it fair for all participants. We will invite tourists and visitor to our village in the Cape Winelands to see what the students have accomplished. This will raise public awareness of some of the very important statistics and information relating to the worlds endangered species. It is not an expensive thing to do which means that anyone can be involved from the disadvanted to the wealthy. Our Education Volunteer Teamleader, Polly Meyer, has the support of teachers for this project. Polly will give the students basic information about endangered species and then they will go off and conduct their own research about the animal they want to model. Maggi Marjoram, Chairperson. Polly Meyer, Volunteer Education and Fund Raising Franschhoek SPCA 08251203680

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