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Educational Session on Alternatives to Animal Testing

At the occasion of World Animal Day, taking place on Thursday October 4, 2012, the Monegasque Association ALEXANDRA will again organize an information day on the use of alternative methods to animal experimentation.

In collaboration with Dr. Christophe Capallere, Head of the tissue culture laboratories of the company Sterlab SA based in Sophia Antipolis, France, the issue of animal testing and currently available alternative methods based on human tissue engineered models will be presented to students of different schools of Monaco. In particular the use of tissue engineered reconstructed human skin and oral tissues (gingival, oral mucosa) will be demonstrated and how cosmetic, oral care products and household chemicals can be tested on them, without referring to animal testing. In addition, the use of these reconstructed human tissue models and their applications in animal-free medical research will be addressed.ou should enter description content for your listing.

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